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At present, the term 'Unconventional' is used in reference to oil and gas resources whose porosity, permeability, fluid trapping mechanism, or other characteristics differ from conventional sandstone and carbonate reservoirs. Coalbed methane, gas hydrates, shale gas, fractured reservoirs, and tight gas sands are considered unconventional resources.
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Special Report: Mexico
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Special Report: Gulf
Price: £375.00
The long overdue opening of Mexico’s energy sector promises much – for the country and the world. This report looks at the challenges Mexico faces – and the rewards it could reap. This report examines the changing world of energy funding options. As long as the world needs oil, it needs the Gulf. This report looks at the Gulf’s producers and what the future could hold for the region.
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Special Report: Opec
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Discover how energy efficiency and technological innovation will influence the energy industry's future and the possible ramifications. Independent and comprehensive analysis of Central Asia's future role in the energy markets and how it can best meet the challenges ahead. A timely and comprehensive assessment of the cartel’s strategy.