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MPEM310   Asia-Pacific LNG Map, 1st edition
MPEME01   Cushing, OK Oil Pipeline Infrastructure Map
MPEB153   Energy in the Middle East 2012
MPEM245   Energy Infrastructure Map of the United Kingdom and Ireland, 2nd edition
MPEM249   Energy Map of Africa, 2008
MPEM237   Energy Map of Algeria, 2007
MPEM241   Energy Map of China, 2008
MPEM293   Energy Map of Egypt, 2nd edition
MPEM262   Energy Map of Latin America & the Caribbean, 2009 edition
MPEM251   Energy Map of Libya, 1st edition
MPEM315   Energy Map of Mexico, 2017 edition
MPEM260   Energy Map of Northern Europe, 2009
MPEM297   Energy Map of Russia & CEE [English]
MPEM297R   Energy Map of Russia & CEE [Russian]
MPEM301   Energy Map of the Caribbean, 2015 edition
MPEM236   Energy Map of The Middle East & The Caspian, 5th edition
MPEM306   Energy Map of the World, 2015
MPEM314   Energy Map of Trinidad and Tobago, 2017 edition
MPEM313   Floating LNG Evolution and Development Wallchart, 1st edition
MPEB132   Fundamentals of Carbon Capture and Storage Technology
MPEB189   Fundamentals of Gas 2015
MPEB136   Fundamentals of Gas to Liquids
MPEM309   Gas & Power Infrastructure Map of Nigeria, 2015 edition
MPEM288   Gas Map of Europe & the CIS, 2013 edition
MPEM284   Global Renewable Energy Map, 1st edition
MPEMA07   Independent Storage Map & Factbook
MPEB160   LNG - A glossary of Terms
MPEM286   Major Pipelines of the World, 4th edition
MPEM264   National Oil Companies of the World, 2nd edition
MPEM299   North America LNG Map, 1st edition
MPEM296   North America Shale Gas Map, 2nd edition
MPEM287   North America Unconventional Oil Map, 2013
MPEM229   Oil & Gas Map of India, 2006
MPEM256   Oil & Gas Map of Iraq, 2009
MPEM269   Oil & Gas Map of Russia/Eurasia & Pacific Markets, 1st edition
MPEM221   Oil & Gas Map of the Arabian Peninsula, Iran, Iraq & Syria, 1st edition
MPEM319   Oil & Gas Map of The Gulf of Mexico, 1st edition
MPEM273   Oil & Gas Map of the Middle East & Africa, 2nd edition
MPEM250   Oil & Gas Map of Western, Central & Eastern Europe, 2008
MPEM268   Oil and Gas Map of Eastern Europe & the FSU, 1st edition
MPEM304   Oil and Gas Map of Mexico, 1st edition
MPEM3112017   Oil and Gas Map of the North Sea, 2017 edition
MPEM317   Oil and Oil Product Pipelines Map of European and Asian Markets, 1st edition
MPEB198   Outlook 2016 | Energy Markets and Politics in the Year Ahead
MPEB206   Outlook 2017 | Energy Markets and Politics in the Year Ahead
MPEB208   Outlook 2018 | Energy Markets and Politics in the Year Ahead
MPEM266   Pipeline Infrastructure Map of Europe & the CIS, 1st edition
MPEB166   Special Report: After the Arab Uprising
MPEB146   Special Report: Angola 2012 - 2015
MPEB174   Special Report: Arctic
MPEB179   Special Report: Australian Energy
MPEB176   Special Report: Caribbean Energy
MPEB192   Special Report: Central Asia
MPEB169   Special Report: East Africa
MPEB195   Special Report: Finance
MPEB193   Special Report: Gulf
MPEB145   Special Report: Independent Storage 2012 - 2015
MPEB159   Special Report: Iraq 2012
MPEB164   Special Report: LNG Focus
MPEB196   Special Report: Mexico
MPEB194   Special Report: New Energy
MPEB167   Special Report: NOCs
MPEB205   Special Report: Oil and Conflict in the Middle East
MPEB165   Special Report: Oil Sands
MPEB191   Special Report: Opec
MPEB204   Special Report: Production Forecasts
MPEB156   Special Report: Refining and Petrochemicals 2010 - 2013
MPEB177   Special Report: Russian Energy
MPEB171   Special Report: Shale Gas
MPEB172   Special Report: Shale Oil
MPEB175   Special Report: The Future of Energy
MPEB162   Special Report: The Future of Transport
MPEB190   Special Report: Unconventional Gas
MPEB157   Special Report: Upstream Focus 2013
MPEB163   Special Report: West Africa Focus
MPEM276   Unconventional Oil & Gas Map of the World, 1st edition
MPEMC02   World Coal Map, 2010
MPEM243   World Deepwater Developments Map, 2007
MPEMA13   World Energy Atlas, 7th edition
MPEM280   World Fiscal Systems for Oil Map, 1st edition
MPEM320   World Gas Map, 2018 edition
MPEMA16   World LNG Factbook, 2016
MPEM318   World LNG Map, 2017
MPEM295   World Oil and Gas Map, 4th edition

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