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Map | World Gas Map Book | Outlook 2018 Map | Oil & Gas Map of The Gulf of Mexico
Gives you a comprehensive overview of the global natural gas industry, showing the location of all major gasfields; pipelines; LNG plants and terminals; and GTL projects. Your strategic briefing to energy in 2018. Gain crucial insight on the sector from leading opinion-makers.
Two years of oil auctions have now set the stage for an exploration drilling boom in Mexico, that should bring billions of dollars of investment into the Mexican Gulf of Mexico. This map compares the United States and Mexican sides of the maritime boundary.
Map | Oil and Gas Map of the North Sea Map | World LNG Map Map | Oil and Oil Product Pipelines Map
World LNG Map, 2017
Price: £350.00
Provides a complete guide to the offshore oil, gas and condensate activities, bringing clarity to a complex marketplace for the challenging times ahead. Fully updated and comprehensive guide to the world's LNG industry. A map and comprehensive guide to the oil and oil product pipelines in the European and Asian markets.